We run a monthly Staple Food assistance program to provide to our client families who are in need.

In the Staple Food Assistance Program (Program Makanan Asasi), our case officers verify the financial situation of families requiring assistance and tailor the assistance to the needs of each individual family. Each family is allocated between $70 to $100 each month and will be in the program for one year when their financial circumstances are reviewed. Every month, MKM members and our volunteers purchase, collect, and distribute the tailored assistance to each client family. With the continued support of our kind donors, we have been running this program since 2016.

Currently, MKM is assisting 38 families per month under this scheme. With your help we will be able to extend the assistance to other needy families. Donors can donate generally to this fund or can specify the family that they want to assist with their donations.

No matter the amount, your donation will make a difference.